Pristine order? Complete chaos? A little bit of both?

Our Mission

Flourishly gives you the space to create. 

We meet you where you're at and support you where you need it to give you the space to create. What are the ideal conditions for you to make & create? Pristine order? Something closer to complete chaos? Somewhere in the middle? Or does it depend on the day?

We get it. We'll work it out with you to give you the space to create. 

Flourishly keeps me on track to meet my goals and deadlines. They understand my process and free up the space I need to grow my product line.
— Julie Herman, Jaybird Quilts

Our Methods

We start by working with you to identify your desires & core desired feelings, level up to your intentions & goals, then the desired outcomes of our collaboration. We'll identify what's in our control (what you make), what can't be controlled but how we can influence it (how your audience / customer will respond), and things we can't control for but we have to react & respond to (a good, old fashioned SWOT analysis). From there, we collaborate with you on a game plan & make it happen.

Our People

Today, Rachael Pannepacker is the heart, soul, brains & braun of Flourishly. She finds it challenging to write about Flourishly in the first person, because she envisions the Flourishly team, clients and offerings growing beyond her. Today, Flourishly is a sole proprietorship, and in the future it will grow from a small team to a bigger team, and then an even bigger team. Until then, Flourishly is Rachael, clients, vendors and an emphatically loud cheering section of friends & a very committed partner. 

how much our clients love working with us

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