It's that Time of the Year

It’s that time of the year again when I’m super determined to blog more and reinvigorate my commitment to growing my business. My biggest challenges with blogging are finding topics + a comfort level with putting myself out there to the people of the internet. 

Actually, finding topics isn’t that hard. Finding interesting, compelling topics that I think actually matter and that people will actually care about, while not overusing the word actually, that’s the hard part. I over think this. I over think all kinds of things. I fancy myself a thinker when I’m actually over worrying, which is a weird concept for a person who doesn’t self identify as a worrier. The best way to find compelling topics is to practice. Practice writing about anything. Practice documenting and processing work, life, and relationships. Make some mistakes along the way. Not every post is going to be winner. They aren’t supposed to be. That’s not the point. The point is to practice writing, connecting, and posting so that when the topic comes along that does resonate, it gets out there.

Now, when it comes to a comfort level with putting myself out there to the people of the internet, that’s where the real work needs to happen. IRL I’m a bit of ambivert. I can enjoy myself in a group for 2 to 3 hours at a shot, especially if it’s my party I’m hosting. I’m not always a great party go-er because I’m often craving an intimate conversation with a small group of people instead of working a room. I’m also not super wild about large crowds or conference settings. It’s too exhausting to show up for and it doesn’t often feel like a successful use of my time. That wasn’t always true for me, it is what’s true for me now, and that could always change again in the future.

So if I’m an ambivert in real life, then that means I’m a lurker on the internet. I hate commenting on posts unless I have something super supportive to offer or I’m strongly compelled to speak up. I delete more drafts of posts than I actually post, and that’s true across all online platforms. I came of age at a time when digital footprints could be weaponized, used against you, and crush a career. That’s still true but seemingly less so these days. While I always knew that there was opportunity to be had in the digital world, I was more sensitive to the crises of how using platforms could be a form of self sabotaging livelihoods. Rather than risk it, I kept my thoughts to myself for the most part and kept scrolling. Frankly, I’d like to speak up more and lurk or scroll less.

I’m not looking to radically transform my life with big, bold, splashy posts. I’d like to just slowly crack out of the shell of my seed and start sprouting. Here’s to green shoots. 

 Image via  Unsplash

Image via Unsplash