5 Songs That Get Me Excited to Work

Call them anthems, theme songs, playlists, power ballads. Refer to them in the way that gives you the most powerful meaning, the phrase that gives you the most power vibration or reverberation. And how can a song get you excited to do work? For some people, it just does. Some songs light me up to knock out my task list or create content the same way some playlists get people into a high intensity workout zone. These five songs light me up to get some serious productivity grooves on:


1. Something from Nothing by the Foo Fighters

It reminds me of me and my friends, how we came together in college and have progressed through life since then, doing and creating all kinds of cool things along the way. 


2. Animal by Miike Snow

Head bopping music that lifts my spirit and lyrics that keep my ego in check at the same time


3. Counting Stars by OneRepublic

This melody gets me every. time. Right from the start. And then the lyrics. And then the harmony. The hook. All of it. “No more counting dollars…"


4. The Passenger by Iggy Pop

This song serendipitously bounds into my life during beautifully connected moments. When I was walking through my neighborhood between work and running errands, it was blaring from open car windows. When I was on plane taxying down the runway, gaining speed into lift off, it blasted through my headphones. It always manages to get me excited for some adventure when it’s time to book flights and travel arrangements for work and pleasure trips. 


Also, it’s worth a nod to Siouxsie and The Banshees for their version.


5. The theme to the A-Team

After a Friday night of revelry, I came home with my love, he turned the TV on and I sacked out for the night while he watched the 2010 A-Team movie. That night I dreamt I was a member of the A-Team along side Face and Hannibal. I woke up humming the hook of the theme to myself, and I continue to hum it every time I accomplish something. Successfully built a piece of Ikea furniture? Don don-diditdon don don. Chop, cook and serve dinner for two to four people? Don don-diditdon don don. Tear down a client booth after a crazy busy trade show? Yup, Don don-diditdon don don. The riff that hits between 00:08 and 00:18 will be audible. While it’s not my go-to tune to kick things off, it wraps things up nicely every time.

 Image via  Unsplash

Image via Unsplash