What’s in a #Hashtag?

I often find myself creating, seeking or stumbling upon new hashtags for my clients to use on social media. We use hashtags in our work for a few reasons: 1, they make your posts and images more searchable, therefore more findable by people who have an interest in following you; 2, they create a sense of branding identification that legitimizes your work in the digital arena; 3, and most importantly, they tell a story, spark our curiosity and connect us to likeminded humans more easily than ever before.


Let’s break down that #3.


They tell a story. 

When I'm on instagram, cruising my feed, going down that winding path of content, I’ll often click on a #hashtag of interest to see what else is out there. Who’s using it? Why? How? How many other people are using and engaging with it? If it’s of a particular interest, I’ll look for it on Iconosquare to find out how popular it is and how much traffic it drives.


They spark our curiosity.

I’m a focused and dedicated lifelong learner. I learn something new everyday, and not necessarily because I’m making an effort to learn a new skill or concept, I just read a lot and learn new ideas and perspectives as a result. Some days the new thing I learned, I learnt from a #hashtag. Welcome to 2016! #LearningSomethingNewEveryDay


They connect us to likeminded humans more easily.

When you have your thing that you do, your hobby, your zen mind space activity, it’s not always something that other people in your real life network share with you. Add some hashtag magic to your posts, and eventually you’ll find your tribe online who shares in your happy place space.